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Jean-Michel and Royce
Jean-Michel and Royce

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Royce started her DJ career in Hong Kong in 2002. During a subsequent 2-year sojourn in Singapore, she organized and DJed at her own twice-monthly milonga, Las Ventanas del Corazon. As well as living in Buenos Aires for 6 months, enjoying the pleasures of its most renowned milongas, she has been invited to DJ at Zero Hours’s all-night milongas in Tokyo (2007), Milongueando in Seoul (2010, 2011 & 2012), Milongueando in Singapore (2011), Grand Milonga of Tango Generations in Taipei (2012). As a dancer of nearly two decades’ standing, she has a deep awareness of what music gives milongas energy and enjoyment.


  • 8 March to 12 March – DJ for 2018 Taiwan Tango Marathon

  • 27 February to 1 March – DJ for Taiwan Tango Marathon

  • 10 March – DJ for Carolina and Francisco’s farewell milonga
  • January – Sixth trip to Buenos Aires.

  • 26-28 October – DJ for Milongueando Friday milonga; Conduct a lecture on D’Arienzo & Di Sarli; One of the panelist of DJ conference.
  • 13 October – DJ for Corazon Tango, Milonga on Saturday, Cacho Dante Special Edition
  • 14 September – DJ for La Practica @ DanzStage
  • 18 July – DJ for Milonga M @ Mini Dans La Ville, organized by ECEC, Hong Kong
  • 14 July – DJ for Sebastian Misse y Andrea Reyero Grand Milonga @ Danzstage, organized by Malevos Tango, Hong Kong
  • 22 June – DJ for Milonga de Estrellas @ Star Studio, organized by Kam Ping Hiller, Hong Kong
  • 13 June – DJ for Dana Frigoli y Juan Alba Welcome milonga @ Hong Kong Tango Academy, organized by Sin-Ming Shaw & Mona Kuk, Hong Kong
  • 9 June – DJ for Grand Milonga of Tango Generations @ Neo Studio, organized by Tangoasi, Taipei
  • 25 April – DJ for Milonga M @ Mini Dans La Ville, organized by ECEC, Hong Kong

  • 13 November – DJ for Farewell Milonga of Hong Kong Tango Festival @ The Grand Stage, organized by TangoTang, Hong Kong
  • 28-30 October – DJ and guest speaker for DJ conference and Milongueando, organized by El Bulin, Seoul
  • 26 February – DJ for Milongueando con Los Amigos @ Se7en@ Iluma, organized by Isaac, Su Lynn & How Meng, Singapore

  • 5-7 November – DJ for Milongueando, organized by El Bulin, Seoul
    2009: Fifth trip to Buenos Aires.
    2008: Fourth trip to Buenos Aires (6 months), DJ occasionally in Hong Kong.
    2007: DJ few times at all-night milongas at Zero hour in Tokyo.
    2006: First tango experience in Tokyo. Third trip to Buenos Aires. Second trip to Taipei.
    2005: Giving regular tango classes, organizing milonga and DJing in Singapore. Second trip to Buenos Aires.
    2004: First trip to Buenos Aires and Taipei.
    2003: First time dancing in Gent and Singapore.
    2002: 2-months dancing trip to Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels.
    2001: My first tango trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Started DJ regularly at TangoTang’s practica in Hong Kong.
    1999: Took my first tango class in Hong Kong.