Price information of Bs.As.

Dear Tango friends, here’s some price information of Buenos Aires. The cost of living in Bs.As. has already exceeded big cities in Asia, and almost as expensive as in Europe. If you haven’t been to Bs.As. for a while, and you’re going to Buenos Aires soon, be prepared!

Official exchange rate (of the time of writing): USD 1 ≃ ARS 4.85

Tango / Milonga:
Entrance: 35 pesos (USD 7.2)
A bottle of water: 14 pesos (USD 2.9)
A Tango CD @ Zivals (Reliquias): 43 pesos (USD 8.9)
A Taxi ride from Congresso to Palermo: ~40 pesos (USD 8.2)
A pair of branded woman tango shoes: from 700 pesos (USD 144)

Empanedas: 6-8 pesos (USD 1.2-1.6)
1 portion of pizza: 8 pesos (USD 1.6)
Hamburguesas: 28 pesos (USD 5.8)
1/4 Pollo Al Horno: 32 pesos (USD 6.6)
Milanesa A La Napolitana: 45 pesos (USD 9.3)
Cafe: 12 pesos (USD 2.5)
Coka Cola: 15 pesos (USD 3)
Licuados: 25 pesos (USD 5.2)

A pack of 255g Lays Chips: 29.15 (USD 6)
Scoot 6 rolls of toilet paper: 37.6 pesos (USD 7.8)
Instant noodles: 5.1 pesos (USD 1)
1 kg of tomato: ~12 pesos (USD 2.5)
A dozen of eggs: 20-22 pesos (USD 4.1-4.5)
1 kg of Chorizo: 44.9 pesos (USD 9.3)

4 Responses to “Price information of Bs.As.”

  1. Jantango Says:

    Prices continue to rise, but so does the “blue rate” for the dollar which has been as high a 8.20 on the street. If you go to a bank, you’ll get only the official rate of 5. It’s not difficult to find a local store in Palermo who will exchange dollars for pesos at the blue rate.

    There are still traditional evening milongas where the entrada is 30 pesos or less. Lo de Celia (my favorite) is still 25 pesos (during the first hour on Friday and Saturday night there is no entrada). Water is 12 pesos. The Monday and Saturday milongas at La Nacional recently bumped the entrada to 40 pesos, where tourists are out in full force.

    Food prices depend on where you shop or eat. I shop for produce at a Chinese grocery one block from my apartment where tomatoes are 5 pesos/kilo, eggs are 8 pesos/dozen. You can find empanadas at local shops for as little as 5 pesos each. A friend wanted to buy empanadas one night at La Continental. I thought the guy made a mistake when my friend was charged 9 pesos for a verdure empanada. Three empanadas set him back 27 pesos. I couldn’t believe it. I never eat out.

    There are tango shoes going for more than 700 pesos a pair. I find mine at resale shops and pay lots less.

  2. christine Says:

    How about safety? I heard it’s gettig pretty dangerous. Could you share your experience on this? Thanks.

  3. Royce Says:

    Dear Christine,

    I never found Bs.As. dangerous. But I paid extra attention on my belongings because I heard many stories of pickpockets, especially among Asian tourists. I never have too many cash with me, never brought my smart phone out, and never hang big expensive camera (I don’t have it anyway) in front of me. I tried to behave like a local.

    In some areas in the evening, it feels unsafe. But eventually nothing happened to me or to my friends throughout years of visit. I have a chinese tango friend now spending her time in Bs.As. She lives and goes dancing all on herself, and she never has problems or troubles. 🙂


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