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Clarin – Tango de Coleccion

Posted in Music on December 21st, 2012


While Jean-Michel and I were having a walk along Corrientes in a late afternoon, visiting one and another second hand bookstores, this series of CD/book caught my eyes. It was published by Clarin back in 2005, each book came with a CD of 20 songs. The cover of the CD book is attractive, the selection of the songs in the CD is nice too. I never have many contemporary tango recordings, and this series just help me to explore them a little bit. For example, Alberto Castillo’s recording in 1993, Nelly Omar’s in 1997, or Horacio Salgan’s in 2000, I can hear few of them from this series. Another merit of the song selection is it covers the whole career of the artist, so we can hear the revolution of his/her music just in one CD.

Actually it should be considered as a book, because there is an ISBN. The books are all in spanish of course, and I haven’t started reading any of them. Flipping over the book, there are plenty of photos (many nice one, by the way). Besides the biography of the artist, there are usually also the interview, discography and chronology of the artist, sometimes lyrics of important recordings as well – a nicely combined little book. The only thing that could be criticized is the quality of the paper. But wait, each book just costs 18 pesos (by the time of writing, around USD3.7), that’s a very good price.



It is definitely a nice little gift for yourself or your tango friends. Unfortunately in the store that I bought mine, it doesn’t have the full series anymore. Anyway, if you happen to travel to Buenos Aires, check them out.

The full series consists of the following artists:
1 Roberto Goyeneche
2 Osvaldo Pugliese
3 Ruben Juarez
4 Mariano Mores
5 Hugo Del Carril
6 Sexteto Mayor
7 Susan Rinaldi
8 Julio Sosa
9 Aníbal Troilo
10 Alberto Castillo
11 Astor Piazzolla
12 Edmundo Rivero
13 Nelly Omar
14 Juan D’Arienzo
15 Tita Merello
16 Horacio Salgán
17 Luis Cardei
18 D’Agostino Vargas
19 Adriana Varela
20 Carlos Gardel