T for Tango, and T for Toilet

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T for Tango, and T for Toilet.

Toilet is a subject that I always find fascinating. We use it everyday and have no way we can live without it. Unfortunately, it is also an object that we know the least – besides the flush handle/button and that toilet bowl, what do we about it? Those who have tried to repair the flush water tank might get to know it a bit more, but that’s it! Most of our knowledge or curiosity would stop there, they won’t go beyond the bowl that we sit on everyday at home.

Out of my unusual curiosity, I did a brief search on youtube – the TV channels of our computer. You type the word “sex”, then there will be tons of different rating videos coming out. Compared to that, “toilet” only gave me around 300 results. People’s interest in these two kind-of-taboo subjects are obviously different. Besides those instructional videos of “how to unclog your toilet”, “how to repair the water tank” and any jokes, cats and dogs have anything to do with toilet, there are few outstanding videos out there. Below are my selections. Pick a lazy afternoon or evening, watch them quietly on your sofa or bed. Or why not while you spend your time in the toilet? ;-P

Let us start with the basic ones – do you know how the toilet bowl and the toilet paper are made?
How Toilets Are Made
How Toilet Paper is Made

Talking about the bowl itself, here’s an antique toilet bowl – 1927! (1927 Douglas Gloria high tank toilet) There aren’t big differences from the one we’re using today, just that the seating part is more comfortable and human butt oriented on this antique set. Oh, by the way, arriving in the airport of Buenos Aires this year, walking through the passage from the plane to the immigration area, there’s a feel of modernity – new carpet, new walls, new immigrating system of taking your photo… After all these “fresh” impression, I went into the ladies at the luggage collection area. I opened the door and opps! I’m back to the 80s again – that green old tiles, that old style flush buttons… Kind of an anti-climax. Don’t get me wrong, they are clean and still function perfectly. Just that the uplifting of the airport hasn’t reach there yet.

Believe me, the toilet system itself can be quite fascinating. How about the toilet on the A380 plane? (A380 : 130mph toilet flush) Our shit can travel in high speed as well! And this Japanese public toilet? (Amazing Japanese toilet) In France there are similar versions, but I don’t remember the French one would clean the toilet seats. In Hong Kong we would hardly need this – DIY Composting Toilet part 1. But it is really environmental friendly and looks quite decent.

Toilet definitely deserves more of our attention – there’re 2.6 billion people don’t have sanitation (here latrine, toilet, bucket, or a box counts as sanitation, taken from the book “The Big Necessity” by Rose George published in 2008). Some people know how important it is, that’s why there’s an WTO – World Toilet Organization. And scientists know it is important too, and so there’s this “Reinventing the Toilet” Fair. Check out what the scientists trying to do with the toilet – from making a self-sustain, eco-friendly toilet to turning shit into energy! – Reinvent the Toilet | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Self-Contained, PV-Powered Domestic Toilet & Wastewater Treatment System

If all these look too serious for you, then let me give you some tips on how you can entertain yourself while you need to spend sometimes on the toilet seat. Making heart to impress the next guest? or flower?
Toilet paper origami heart
Toilet Paper Origami Rosebud

BTW, if any of you want to make me a christmas gift, any of these books will do (Toilet Origami)! 😀

To make this post a little less off topic – if you type “Tango Toilet” on youtube, that’s what you will find (in case if you have never seen it as a tango addict).
Movie version: TANGO TOILET
Live version: TANGO TOILET-live performance

And also this short movie – Tango Flush (Tango Flush)

Je pense donc je suis – I think, therefore I exist – by René Descartes
Je pisse donc je suis – I pee, therefore I exist – a name of a French book
Je tango donc je suis – I tango, therefore I exist – this is for tango addict!

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