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D’Arienzo – Orchestra’s Members

Posted in Music on June 12th, 2011

Above is a simple table, originally included in a LP produced by few Japanese tango fans and collectors in 1983. This table lists out all the key orchestra members of D’Arienzo in different periods. Then I also have a class note (Japan Tango Academy, September 2007) written by Mr. Yasuhiko Fukukawa on D’Arienzo’s orchestra, which contains detail chronological information on the orchestra members. Since I have never seen something as detailed and as organized before, I would like to share them with all D’Arienzo fans. I compiled these two materials into one (very) long and colorful table. I tried to be as accurate and detailed as possible, so I also took reference from Johan’s D’Arienzo discography and Todotango. Still, given that certain members’ information is not available, this table will never be perfect. In the file, I included the original simple table for you to use. Just in case if you’re not happy with mine, you can still work on your own. 😉 Feel free to leave me a message if you find any error, I would love this table to be as accurate as possible.

Click here to download: OpenOffice version or Excel version

A Little More from Mr. Fukukawa’s Note

Besides chronological information on the orchestra, Mr. Fukukawa also suggested a framework (see below) of listening D’Arienzo’s music. Mr. Fukukawa is a D’Arienzo aficionado, he collected and listened to D’Arienzo since his university time. He is also the producer of Epoca de Tango – D’Arienzo set. His listening framework is nicely compiled with suggested tracks, I hope everybody can benefit from it. If you don’t understand how he divides the periods, then please study the table at the top of this post.

(I) Period of Electra Record (1928)

    Suggested track:
    Que Vachache (1928) singer: Carlos Dante

(II) Period of Rodolfo Biagi-Juan Polito (1935-1940)

    Suggested tracks:
    Joaquina (1935) pianist: Rodolfo Biagi
    Nueve De Julio (1935) pianist: Rodolfo Biagi
    El Cencerro (1937) pianist: Rodolfo Biagi
    Don Pacifico (1939) pianist: Juan Polito

(III) Period of Fulvio Salamanca-Hector Varela-Cayetano Puglisi (1940-1950)

    Suggested tracks:
    Chique (1942)
    Las Doce (1944) singer: Hector Maure
    Amarras (1944) singer: Hector Maure
    Pregonera (1945) singer: Armando Laborde
    Union Civica (1949)

(IV) Period of Fulvio Salamanca-Enrique Alessio-Cayetano Puglisi (1950-1957)

    Suggested tracks:
    Amarroto (1951) singer: Alberto Echague
    Independencia (1953)
    Pampa (1954)
    El Marne (1954)
    El Rezongon (1955)
    El Puaso (1957)

(V) Period of Juan Polito-Carlos Lazzari (from 1957)

    Suggested tracks:
    Adios Chantecler (1958)
    Con Alma De Tango (1959)

According to Mr. Fukukawa, 1944-1947 is the first golden period of D’Arienzo. He said D’Arienzo’s music is full of emotion during this period (Absolutely agree!). Then 1951-1955 is the second golden period of D’Arienzo, because the orchestra members’ combination was perfect! He selected 5 tracks from these two periods, they are indeed “creme de la creme”!

    His Best Five:
    La Mentirosa (1944)
    El Pensamiento (1945)
    Carton Junao (1947) singer: Alberto Echague
    Florida (1952)
    Trago Amargo (1955) singer: Alberto Echague