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Years ago, to track the recording year of a tango recorded by an orchestra, we had to rely on the printed copies of discographies written by Nicolas Lefcovich. Many of us would still remember the time of paying “not a small” amount of money to buy those copies in Buenos Aires, and the big copies of Francisco Canaro and Roberto Firpo. Nowadays, thank to many people’s effort, everything can be found online, and discography is no exception. Below is a directory of orchestras’ and singers’ discographies. It will also be useful to those who are new in the field of tango music research.


Jose Basso

Rodolfo Biagi

Miguel Calo

Francisco Canaro

Angel D’Agostino

Juan D’Arienzo

Alfredo De Angelis

Julio De Caro

Lucio Demare

Carlos Di Sarli

Edgardo Donato

Roberto Firpo

Osvaldo Fresedo

Jose Garcia

Alfredo Gobbi

Pedro Laurenz

Francisco Lomuto

Osmar Maderna

Ricardo Malerba

Astor Piazzolla

Osvaldo Pugliese

Enrique Rodriguez

Ricardo Tanturi

Anibal Troilo

Orquesta Tipica Victor


Roberto Chanel


Alberto Echague (only with Juan D’Arienzo)

Ada Falcon

Ernesto Fama

Roberto Rufino

Angel Vargas

6 Responses to “Summary – Online Discography”

  1. onesteptanguero Says:

    I have something for you:

  2. Royce Says:

    Thank you.

  3. Sergio Gabriel Bustos Says:

    Hi again. At todotango, the Demare discography is all wrong, I know becouse I’m working on Demare now, and that discography has the disc number repeated instead of the Matrisse nbr.
    Whoever may need a copy of a corrected discography, just ask.


    Then, I found this other very interesting site:

    It says tango data, and then, alphabetically ordere a lot of songs with all the discography info. Not everything is complete, but it’s quite useful.

  4. Royce Says:

    Dear Sergio,

    Thank you for your links. I didn’t work on Demare discorgraphy. I heard some people saying that his discorgraphy on todotango is incomplete.

    I thought it’s normal to repeat disc number as usually a 78-rpm has 2 sides, so the disc number could be XXXX-A and XXXX-B. While matrix number attached to a particular recording/song, so a matrix number shouldn’t repeat. No?


  5. Sergio Gabriel Bustos Says:

    Right. Now I found there’s a way to see it as a whole sheet instead of song by song, and then matrix nmber is displayed. So, I must be fair, it is correctly shown, but only if displayed as a sheet. If anybody goes in to look song by song, then matrix number is seen with the disc number.

  6. Chris Says:

    onesteptanguero said: “I have something for you:

    Note that those are not what most people call discographies. They are just machine-generated collations of release info, propagating whatever errors are present in the release metadata.

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