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Another Version of La Tupungatina

Posted in Music on December 6th, 2009

Since I read Johan’s aritcle on Pugliese’s 8 controversial recordings, I had been looking for the other version of La Tupungatina. I asked around, it seemed nobody has it. Then few days ago, while I was tidying up my tango CDs, I found a bootleg CD of Pugliese. It was given by a French tango friend, and as far as I remember, he got it from a collector in Amsterdam. I had a look at the index, and then these few words caught my eyes – La Tupungatina Cueca arr en tango C Tapia (inedito). While I was looking around for this song, this CD was already lying in my collection for years!! How stupid I am!

So, this track I found among my collection is indeed the other version of La Tupungatina, just that unfortunately there are defects at the beginning. It is shorter than the one we usually hear from the Reliquias series, so here let’s call it the short version. Besides the sound quality matter, here are some obvious differences I recognized of the two versions, all the time indication below is of the Reliquias version:

  • At the very beginning, the introduction is shorter. The first few bars of the Reliquias version goes like this: A, A, A1, A1; while in the shorter version, it goes like this: A, A1.
  • The bass and piano interval at around 0:45 is shorten in the short version.
  • The interval between 1:47 to 1:54 is missing in the short version.
  • The violin variation between 2:27 to 2:41 is missing in the short version.
  • In between the 2:58 to 3:26 piano solo, there’re whistling sound imitated by the violin in the short version.

And if you listen carefully, even though the arrangements are pretty much the same, interpretation of the violin and piano are different in two versions. These are subtle, the more you listen and compare the two versions, the more you will figure them out.

Ok ok…… I know I’m talking too much. Here’s the song. Enjoy!