What the DJs in Bs.As. do right and “superset”

It is a post to answer Hung-Yut’s questions.

In my opinion, not all the DJs in Bs.As. do things right. I only know 3 DJs who do things right – Daniel Borelli, Carlos Rey and Mario Orlando, and I never remember who does things wrong, because I would just skip that milonga. Among that 3 good DJs, I agree with Janis, Daniel Borelli is the best in town. First of all he won’t upset me with what I wrote in my post. Second, he rarely mixes orchestras in his tandas; i.e. you can have a full tanda of Orquesta Tipica Victor but not a mix of Lomuto, Canaro and O.T.V. Daniel must have a huge collection of tango music. Third, he always forms tandas with songs from the same recording period; i.e. you would never hear a Di Sarli tanda with a mix of songs from 40s and 50s. Forth, he maintains a good balance of rhythmic and melodic tandas and he alternates them, so that we dancers would never get bored. Fifth, he never puts a single song that you don’t want to dance in his tandas. The songs he picked are not only dancable, they are really good for dancing and make you want to dance. Sixth, his tandas always go very smooth. But please don’t ask me how and what he does to make it happens. What I can tell is that throughout an evening there is not one tanda which would surprise me. In his milonga, I never suspect and wonder why he plays a tanda of D’Arienzo but not a Di Sarli tanda at a certain moment.

I might hear a “superset” once, but I wonder if it was really a “superset”. I think that was a “super-bad set”. I forgot the exact combination, but that tanda started with “Poema”, followed by 2 non-famous (for a non-argentinan like me) Gardel songs and it was ended with another unknown Canaro song. It might be a “superset” because when the DJ played this set, the organizer specially switched off the light in the milonga. I guess he wanted to create a romantic feeling. Maybe that 2 Gardel songs have special meaning, but as I don’t understand Spanish lyrics just by listening, I couldn’t tell. Other than this one, I never heard “superset” in the milongas that I went in Bs. As.. Mixed tandas appear from time to time, but they are not really “superset”.

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  1. Hung-Yut Chen Says:

    Hey I heard a superset at Cachirulo Saturday night. They played 5 songs of different orhcestras and they kept dimming the lights. For the last song the room was totally dark! People said that’s what they do every week ^^.

  2. Royce Says:

    That’s what they like to do, maybe it’s more romantic!? Unfortunately, I never danced this set with JM when I was in Bs.As. πŸ˜›

  3. ηŽ‰ηŽ² Says:

    Yup, I also experienced the same set in Cachirulo last night. Poem was the 2nd songs, Hector started to dim the light when Poem was playing. Then he turned off all lights for the 4th and 5th songs. I experienced similar tandas at La Viruta sometime ago on Friday and Saturday nights before it closing at 6AM next morning. Pero no more La Viruta on Saturday night for me, Cachirulo is my Saturday must-fix. πŸ™‚ My first week at Cachirulo was very difficult for cabeceo, lots of observation, studying and watching. But 2nd and 3rd weeks were getting better and better after I got to know people. Thanks for all your information and encouragement.
    May I ask you where is Daniel Borelli DJing? I like Carols and Marios both but I don’t recall I have been to milongas where Daniel is the DJ.
    Muchas gracias!

  4. Royce Says:

    Hi ηŽ‰ηŽ²οΌŒ

    Sorry for my late reply. Daniel Borelli DJ at Lo De Celia. But I forgot which days he plays music there. He also DJ at Chique (I think it’s on thursday afternoon) and a sunday milonga quite far away (forgot the name). You better check them out on those tango magazine. I went to Chique once, the music was great, but the floor and crowd were not up to my expectation.

  5. ηŽ‰ηŽ² Says:

    Hola Royce,

    Thanks for the reply. Currently Dany DJ at El Arranque Monday afternoon. Chique Thursday afternoon, Lo De Celia on Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday. I agree with you, Chique is very sad. A nice place with good wooden floor, but the crowd is really not good. πŸ™
    I have not tried Lo De Celia, don’t know how it is.
    Thanks again for all your information. πŸ™‚ Besos.

  6. Louis Says:

    Sorry for commenting “out of sequence”…

    I am interested in what Hung-Yat had said. Is it still possible to dance in total (or even semi-total) darkness? I’d imagine when this set is played, the floor will be packed, no?

    ps. As you can probably guess, I have never been to BsAs.

  7. niki Says:

    I am trying to hund down ‘CLUB TANGO ARGENTINO (CTA-313) – Juan D’Arienzo Vol. 13 (194?4-1945)’ . do you remember where you got yours from

  8. Royce Says:

    Dear Niki,

    I got mine at a second hand record store in Tokyo. Unless you’re in Japan, I think it’s quite hard to get a copy of this one. I know you can buy Japanese CDs through a CD seller in Japan, but as far as I know, he/she doesn’t have Vol. 13 in stock anymore. And it seems Vol. 11-20 are already out of print.


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