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In response to Louis’s comment on Malerba

Posted in Music on April 25th, 2008

(To read Louis’s comment, please go to my post “Tandas Frequently Played in Bs.As.”.)

I’m not taking notes of every song titles, I’m just writing down the tanda sequence. As for the song title, I remember the songs and check out the titles when I’m home.

I read the discussion about Malerba on the TangoDJ list. I think generally DJs on the list agree that his music is good. But I guess when it comes to DJing, his music is on a rather low priority outside Buenos Aires when there’re many many good stuff to play (I completely understand because I did the same myself!). Also Malerba’s music is not the kind of stuff that can drive people to the dance floor when people don’t know the music. I think when people know Malerba and like his music, they would love to dance on his music; but when people don’t know it, then his music is just nice to dance but not particularly “attractive”, and can be boring to dancers who need energy and excitement in the music.

However, I don’t think it’s so difficult for people to appreciate Malerba. Malerba with Medina is similar to D’Agostino with Vargas. If non-Argentineans can fall in love with the music of D’Agostino with Vargas, they should be able to appreciate Malerba with Medina.

To make dancers who don’t know Malerba (or any orchestra that people are not familiar with), I believe DJ needs to use a teaser. For me the teaser of Malerba is Gitana Rusa. If people start to fall in love with the teaser, and want to know more about Malerba, then the community will slowly get to love his music. Here in the milongas that I go to, whenever DJ starts to play Gitana Rusa, I can hear sighs from the dancers and they all rush into the floor. When the community has emotional connection with the song, no matter it is slow or fast, people will dance on it.

A porteño told Isaac the other day, “Malerba is the music that you dance with your loved one.” So romantic!