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Cumbia – Los Palmeras

Posted in Music on February 22nd, 2008

It is not really about tango. But you can easily hear a cumbia in a milonga. Usually there’s one or two non-tango music break in a milonga, and cumbia is always on the playlist. Here is a very popular one that I hear every week here in Buenos Aires. Its name is “El Bombón” or “El Bombón Asesino”, direct translation is “The chocolate” or “The killing Chocolate”. But the subject underneath is the woman’s butt. Los Palmeras, a group composing and playing cumbia for more than 30 years, presented “El Bombón” in 2004, and right away the song became a big hit in Argentina. The video below is a live performance of the group.

And here’s the “unofficial” lyrics that I found on internet. This song tells you very well what the latino guys likes about women.

Ella se agita
por las noches mueve la cinturita
y pa’ colmo usa pollera cortita
que al meneo la levanta todita

(She shakes herself
For the nights she moves her waist
And she wears a short skirt
Her movement raises her skirt)

Ella bonita, baila mueve se menea te excita
cuando se le va parando solita
ella sigue porque sabe que irrita

(She the pretty, dance and move and her movement makes you excited,

She follows because she knows what excites)

Es que ella tiene un bombon asesino
se sabe un bombon bien latino
es que es un bombon suculento
con ese bombon casamiento

(It’s just that she has a killing “bombon”
She knows it’s a latino “bombon”
It’s just that it’s a juicy “bombon”
Marry with that “bombon”)

Sabe de bombon y lo mueve
menea el bombon cuando quiere
parece un bombon insasiable
seguro un bombon masticable
te como el bombon

(She knows the “bombon” and she moves it
She moves the “bombon” when she wants to
Looks like a “bombon” insatiable
For sure a chewy “bombon”
I eat you the “bombon”)

To get more songs and videos from the group, go to the group’s homepage –