Musicality of Milongueros

Marité Lujan, a tango teacher here in Bs.As., said to my friend during a private lesson, “When you dance with the milongueros, you’re not there to enjoy their technique, but to enjoy their music!” What she said is so true! The greatest value of milongueros and milongueras is their musicality, sentimental and personality. For them, that’s what tango is about.

For me, dancing with milongueros is like taking tango music lesson. When I know the music very well, they give me inspiration and new approach to listen and to dance. For the music that I don’t like very much, they show me how to appreciate it. And when I don’t know the music, they make me discover new jewelry in tango. Many milongueros know by heart what they dance in the milonga, they can always give me the information when I ask.

Generally speaking, in terms of instrumental music, they like to dance on the rhythm and melody. Marking the phrases and highlighting particular instruments or climax in the music are important. And for vocal music, they dance on the melody and the singer’s voice. When the singer starts singing, they use their body to sing together with the singer. It doesn’t have much to do with the meaning of the lyrics, it is more about connecting to the emotion of the singer and the intensity of the voice. Usually when the DJ plays Angel Vargas with Angel D’Agostino or Orlando Medina with Ricardo Malerba, many of the milongueros and milongueras jump to the dance floor. Because they love these music very much, and they are always moved by the singer.

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