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Posted in Music on October 13th, 2007

Few years ago, I got the song “Tanguango” from Michael, a DJ and tango CD seller in UK. We were exchanging views and information through email, and he sent me the mp3 file of this song as a gift. At that time, the Archivo TK was not yet released, so this song was not available in any CD. The version I got was a direct transfer from old records (I guess, 78 RPM). The quality is not great, but the song was a shock to me. If Michael didn’t tell me that it was played by Troilo, I would believe that it’s a Piazzolla recording. The song was recorded in 1951. It was the time when Troilo recorded until the TK company, and having Piazzolla as the arranger. Knowing that Piazzolla arranged this song for Troilo’s orchestra, I still have a hard time to believe that it was played by Troilo. Now, the song is already more than 50 years old, but it still sounds very modern to me. Everytime I listen to this song, I have a hard time to link up this song with the image I have of Troilo – a rather conservative and not so energetic guy.

Among all the recordings in the Archivo TK series, “Tanguango” is the only song which is completely different from the rest. A great one to listen to but not sure if it is really dancable. But if you love to hear Troilo with the touch of Piazzolla or a mix of Troilo and Piazzolla, then you might find many tunes you like, e.g. “Triunfal”, “Prepárense”, “Orlando Goñi”.