Nightmare for a tango music collector

I’m going through a painful process – trying to rescue some if not all my Club de Tango (bootleg) CDs. It was a dream to get those CDs 2 years ago. Club de Tango, as far as I know, is one of the places where you can get rare tango recordings which are not available in commerical CDs. Though the situation starts to change since the tango labels like Buenos Aires Tango Club, Archivo RCA, Colección 78 R.P.M., TodoTango appeared, Club de tango is still the only place where you can get lots of Canaro’s music (Canaro recorded at least 3000 something songs and think about how many you can get from the commercial CD market), Fresedo’s music, huge collection of not-so-famous orchestra like Edgardo Donato and Tipica Victor, plus other recordings from unknown (to us) musicians and orchestras.

Then it is a nightmare to realize, after 2 years, that those CDs cannot last long. Most, if not all, suffer different degree of deterioration. Few became unplayable: I was shock when I input a CD into my computer and the computer read it as a blank CD. For the rest, some of the songs in the CDs became unplayable or broken. I’m glad I kept some mp3s in my computer and I can still have some of those bootleg CDs’ music back, but unfortunately, I lost few CDs forever. ;(

So, if you bought some bootleg CDs from Club de Tango before, please listen to them and see if they are still in good condition. If they are still playable, then you better make an extra copy. If you’re going to buy some bootleg CDs from Club de Tango, then you better immediately input those music into your computer and then make an extra copy.

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  1. kimsoon Says:


    Are you CDs having mould?

    You can actually wash the CDs with water and remove the mould, to a certain degree. The reason is because the outer layer of CD is actually plastic and so its washable, just dun scratch hard on it.

    Try that 1st, and see if it helps.

    If you are worried, tried it on other less valuable CDs that have mould. I think you can even add a little mild detergent(though I have to confirm 1st). Otherwise, water is workable and I’ve tried it.

  2. Louis Says:

    Hi Royce,

    Sorry to hear about your collection from Cub de Tango. I think this is a potential risks for all CR-Rs, as opposed to the “pressed” CDs that we buy from music stores. They have a maximum shelf life of a few years and can be shorter depending on the brand, the writer used and the speed (slower the better in general) at which the CD-Rs were written at. Fortunately, most of my CDs are “originals”. 🙂

    When washing, I believe detergent is not advisable. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally leave scratches the top layer (the gold/silver side where you can write on) because I have seen that top layer peel off for the cheaper brands of CD-Rs. Once that happens, the CD is no longer useable.

  3. kimsoon Says:


    Good label pressings can also suffer for moulds. I have a couple of Deutsche Grammaphon and Decca CDs that also suffered mould attack.

    Washing Detergent might be too reactive? well…then something with neutral PH, like…a little body foam that has neutral ph helps? just make sure you wash your hands clean of oil, then use a mild lotion, (like Dove body foam) and use hands to gently clean the CD surface where the laser reads from, and also the centre where your finger sticks through(cos thats where much of oil on fingers will stay).

  4. kimsoon Says:

    Here’s a read for you guys who wishes to clean up your CDs.

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