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Beyond being grounded

Posted in Dance on September 2nd, 2006

First, to be balanced.
Then, to be on your axis.
And then, to be grounded.
What’s next? That’s it?

I never asked myself the aboved questions until when I was in BA this August. I have been slowly changing my way of walking since last year, after my private lessons with Cacho Dante and Rosana Devesa. As usual, the process of adopting a new habit is slow and sometimes not very successful. It was only until dancing in an afternoon milonga in Buenos Aires – El Arranque, I started to feel comfortable with my (new) way of walking.

In fact, I felt more than just comfortable, I felt great – I felt the floor, and I felt it so well that it seems it’s giving me energy to move! I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but then I suddenly realize one thing – the energy flow is not only limited between the 2 dancing body, the energy flow also happen between the body and the floor as well. This flow feels like a tennis ball bouncing back from the floor.

I had very good dances that afternoon. My body communicated very well with my partners and with the floor as well. The constant energy flow between the three – my body, my partner’s body and the floor makes the dance so fluid anad strong, dancing become not tiring at all. That is a fantastic feeling! I can only get it once in a while after that afternoon, but my body is slowing getting it. Few days later, during the private lesson with Cacho and Rosana, I told them that this year I feel the floor very well, I feel I have good relationship with it and I’m very happy about that. They smiled when they heard that. To deepen and fertilize this feeling, they gave me an exercise – dancing with bare feet. Haven’t tried that? Try it (wear socks though, otherwise you can’t pivot), and see whether you can make friend with the floor. ;)

So going back to the question at the beginning – what’s next?

My answer: Connect with the floor and let the energy flows between your body and the ground.