Chasing for the past

Buenos Aires is a wonderful place, you can find the latest development and the most trendy way of dancing tango and at the same time you can find the living “antique” of tango – those milongueros and milongueras who spend their life in the milongas. So depends on what you want, you can chase for the future and you can chase for the past.

I go to Buenos Aires because I want to chase for the past. The reasons are very simple – this “past” didn’t exist in other parts of the world, and this “past” is disappearing quickly. It’s never too late to catch up the latest fashion but definitely there will be a moment that it’s too late to catch the past – when it’s gone, it’s gone. Corina De La Rosa said to us during one of the evening of the tango seminar, “We really want you to see them (El Flaco Dany and Tete), they are two of my favourite dancers. They’re already old, if you don’t see them now, you may not be able to see them in the future.” I couldn’t agree more with what she said.

This year’s trip to Buenos Aires was short but fruitful. We were lucky because when we were there, El Flaco Dany was in town giving milonga classes. We attended several of his classes and were happy to get to know this nice and funny old gentleman. We also took some classes with Jorge Firpo – a great teacher on milongeuro style. His ability to explain the dance and his knowledge just amazed us, and he is a passionate teacher who is eager to spread his love and knowledge of tango. For sure next year we will go back to his classes. And then, again we had wonderful time learning from Cacho Dante and Rosana Devesa. As usual, they polished our dance and gave us good advices and material to improve our dance. We’re grateful that we could learn from them. We never feel having enough of their classes and we always want to have more classes with them… but we have to wait until next year.

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