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Music and Style, by Hector Chidichimo

Posted in Dance, Music, Quote on July 13th, 2006

Lately I watched a documentary about the milongas in Buenos Aires, in which there’s an interview of the founder of Club Gricel Mr. Hector Chidichimo. He talked about tango music and style. I found it interesting so I post it (the English subtitle part) here.

“There are three or four styles of ‘tango’. You have to dance Osvaldo Pugliese’ s music in its distinctive way. D’Arienzo’ s music has another style of dancing. Miguel Calo’ s music has its own style as well. Canaro’ s music is (a little bit) ‘canyengue’, for example. With his music, you can also dance a ‘tango punteado’ or ‘note by note’. The same thing happens with D’Arienzo and De Angelis. Their music is a bit more fast-paced, so you can dance to the beat of the music. That’s very nice too. Pugliese’ s music, on the other hand, involves more feelings. It’s slow-paced music.

‘Waltz’ is completely different. It’s all about spinning around. Its rhythm is similar to the ‘Strauss waltzes’. We used to dance it spinning around 60 years ago. That was not very common by those times. Then the ‘Cross-step waltz’ appeared. Its ‘tango steps’ are faster.

The ‘milonga’ is a different thing too. It’s more lively than ‘tango’ and ‘waltz’. You can play while dancing a ‘milonga’. It’s very nice. Speaking in general terms, ‘tango steps’ are not used in a ‘milonga’. To dance a ‘milonga’ you must use the ‘milonga steps’. I’m talking about dance steps created 20 years ago. For instance, when I made the ‘Traspié’ or ‘stumble’, people looked at me strange. But that was part of the dance. I took the ‘traspié’ from jazz music. The ‘milonga’ shares many similarities with ‘jazz’.

All types of dances need practice. You can’t just dance without knowing what to do. You have to practice the steps according to the music and its rhythm. That’s how you end up respecting a style of music.”

By Hector Chidichimo, the founder of Club Gricel