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Gotan Project “Lunatico”

Posted in Music on April 14th, 2006

Just bought Gotan Project’s latest CD “Lunatico”. I like their first CD but I never really like their second one. The third one, in my opinion, as good as their first CD. The approach of their music is pretty much the same, but in their third CD, compared to their first CD, they add more elements to the music. I haven’t fully digested the CD, but so far here’re my favourite:

Track 3 “Diferente” – Got a feeling they pick the harmony structure and a similar rhythmic pattern/approach of “Libertango” to do this song. Great just for listening, and pretty dancable, except that it might be a bit fast.

Track 5 “Lunatico” – Must be inspired by “La cumparsita”, the beginning you can hear very familiar harmonic structure which is in fact came from “La cumparsita”. But the song continues to develop into something else, full of different sound elements. The fun part is you can hear the “horse running” sound throughout the piece.

Track 6 “Mi Confesion” – Again inspired by another tango that I couldn’t name. Very dancable.

Track 11 “Domingo” – An electronic candombe! Interesting piece.

Track 12 “Paris, Texas” – A very calm piece in the CD, it’s also the last track. Not for dancing but very pleasant to listen to.

To sum up, a very good CD even just for listening, and some pieces are dancable. Worth to buy one if you like their first CD.