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A great follower

Posted in Dance, Technique on February 15th, 2006

The quality of a great follower, putting aside all the technical issues:

- She is ready to follow things she doesn’t know, and sometimes even a mistake.
- She is ready to make mistakes, and she doesn’t feel bad about it.
- When she dances, she doesn’t think. She doesn’t think about how she dances, how she looks, or whether this is a right or wrong step.
- She follows with her full heart, but at the same time expressing herself by the way she walks, the way she moves etc.
- She is inspired by the music, her embellishment and the way she moves are what she hears.
- She completely surrenders herself to the dance and the music, she lets her mind and spirit go so that nothing will bother her when she dances.
- She never thinks she’s subordinate to the leader. She knows that in tango, a dance is 50:50.
- She is confident about herself, so much so that she doesn’t worry about how other people think about her dance.

In conclusion, it’s all about free of prejudges, having self-confidence and having sense of musicality.