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Roberto Firpo – His Orchestra

Posted in Music on January 13th, 2006

Lately, I got the Todotango Club CD of Orquesta Roberto Firpo. All the CDs I have of Firpo are his quartet (“cuarteto” in Spanish). These CDs are not bad, but I never feel like playing them in my milonga, because I feel our usual way of dancing doesn’t fit that music. And I didn’t notice that Roberto Firpo also has recording of his orchestra, until the moment I got the CD.

I listened to the CD and found that the pieces of his orchestra are really nice. The arrangement of many pieces is creative, colorful, with nice texture, yet not very complicated (unlike Julio De Caro). Needless to say, they are very danceable. There’re 2 pieces in that CD I like very much:

El Compinche, composed by Roberto Firpo himself, recorded in 1937
Fantasma, sung by Alberto Diale, recorded in 1939

It’s always interesting to hear the composer interprets his own music (like Edgardo Donato plays “El Huracán”), and after listening to “El Compinche”, I really want to listen to Firpo playing “Alma de bohemio” with his orchestra, and I have a high expectation on that. Then the long phrases of running notes of “Fantasma” reminds me Osmar Maderna, though Osmar Maderna played that with his piano, while in “Fantasma”, Firpo played that with the strings.

I would like to get more music of Orquesta Roebrto Firpo, so I did a little research on the internet. There’s only 1 CD with his orchestra available in the market – Reliquias, Tangazos De Anta_s, I think it’s a good one, but I want more. So I decided to go for the latest Todotango mp3 CDs – US$44 with 600 tango mp3s. It’s a great deal for those who don’t have much tango music, for me, I just want the pieces of Orquesta Roberto Firpo in this set. My mp3 CDs are still on the way, so I have to wait a bit. But tomorrow’s milonga, I will definitely play a tanda of Firpo with “El Compinche” and “Fantasma”.