Comme il fault

Read Lucas’s blog (in Chinese) about Comme il faut, it’s interesting to hear a man talking about woman’s shoes. I must say I have never done such a serious observation on tango shoes. As a woman, this tango shoes issue is rather simple – shoes have to be comfortable and look good. I never notice what kind of visual effect a pair of shoes can make, the only thing I know is a pair of lovely shoes can draw people’s attention, but not necessary good comments. ;)

Many tangueras here love to know how many pairs of tango shoes I have. I can never tell, but because of writing this blog, I opened my closet and counted my shoes. Ok… with 6 years of dancing, I have 9 pairs of Comme il faut, 1 pair of Susanna, 2 pairs of Tara, 1 pair of Delie, 1 pair of Mr.Tango plus 2 pairs of city shoes that I used to dance with. Well, just by the number, you can see I’m a big fan of Comme il faut. Reasons? Comfortable and nice design. I don’t like all the designs of Comme il faut, but you can always find something you like there. I like my pair of Susanna a lot, again it’s comfortable and the design is classic, it will never be wrong to wear my Susanna shoes no matter what I wear. Tara, I think it’s my most comfortable pair, because of its thick padding, but it’s also the heaviest among all the tango shoes I have, that’s why I’m not wearing it anymore.

Talking about Comme il faut, there’s an interesting phenomenon in Bs.As. When I went to Bs. As. in 2004, there were not many people wearing Comme il faut, so my Comme il faut shoes could always catch attention. This year in August, I went to Bs. As. again, and you can see Comme il faut shoes everywhere, it’s almost like there’s a Comme il faut flood on the dance floor! And most of those (including myself) who wear Comme il faut are tourists. Comme il faut is famous for its special, funky and shiny design, but when there are so many people wearing the same style of shoes at the same time, wearing Comme il faut shoes won’t help to catch attention anymore, it might just help to indicate that you’re a tourist. ;) Anyway, women love shoes, the most important thing is to wear a pair of shoes we love, so many of us won’t stop buying nice shoes, no matter it’s Comme il faut or other marks.

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  1. Isaac Says:

    Well I guess women can never have too many pairs of shoes.

    Many gals I know have 2-3 (is that an underestimate?) classic, top of the line shoes; and then as many cheaper but funkier ‘fun’ shoes as they like.

  2. Lucas Says:

    Hi Royce,
    This is Lucas from Taipei. Do you remember me? Ha, I am the man that you said a man talk about the women’s shoes. I had read your blog about vals, milonga, it’s let me remember Julio said the music relationship tango, milonga and vals in the class. I liked you said: the most important thing is to wear a pair of shoes we love. :)

  3. Debirah Says:

    Royce, you say it all!
    I wore many different tango shoes until I discovered Comme Il Faut and now I can never go back. That, plus the fact that I now sell them. They have to be the most distinctive shoe and comfortable, too. Sure they are made for tango but I wear them just because I love them and feel beautiful when I have them on my feet. Check out my website, too!

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