Words from Gavito

“I step on the string bass, I lead the woman on the violin; if tango was supposed to be danced on the beat, then one drum would be enough, no need for a full orchestra.?

– Carlos Gavito

Found it on Oleh Kovalchuke’s Argentine Tango Blog (2 Oct 2005).

3 Responses to “Words from Gavito”

  1. Belinda-Tang Says:

    Hilarious comment by Gavito.

    I shall certainly be reminded of his quirk the next time we fight off temptation to dance to EVERY beat.

  2. KS Says:

    I suppose, the step is still on the beat. Afterall, dancing starts from Africa tribe beating on calfskins and knocking clubs on the floor. No? That’s why rhythm and pace comes from.

    Even a violist, when he decides to accelerate his solo piece, he needs to create a pace and beat internally, which provides a reference for how fast he pulls the bow. No?

    Later on, ppl, growing smarter, realise there’s some life and excitment in between beats. So they start the improvise, dancing on various timings in between beat, particular for timing on 3/4 and 4/4.

    Actually, hearing wat Gavito said, how abt we try experiment a couple dance without music, and let the spectator decide wat kind of beat the couple is dancing?

  3. KS Says:

    pardon me from my long(wrong?) comments

    mind is not working to well just after lunch, haha

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