Fête De La Musique à Paris


This Monday (21 June 2004) was the “Fête de la Musique” in Paris, an evening dedicated to music and dance.

You don’t have to ask the question if tango is part of it – an outdoor milonga, with live music, took place at Palais de Tokyo, just next to the Seine river, facing the Eiffel Tower. Officially it started at 9, but when I arrived at 8:30, some people were already dancing. The sky was gray, but it didn’t stop people dancing, at around 9:30, the floor was packed already. The rock floor was not made for dancing, but everybody was well prepared – wearing sport shoes instead of their nice tango shoes. I’m glad I had a pair of old tango shoes, they are just perfect for this kind of floor. At around 10:30, the live band started playing. But unfortunately, they had to stop after 3 pieces because it started raining. Normally the event would stop and everybody would either leave or wait under the cover, but everything just went on, people continued dancing in the rain. I brought my umbrella with me and used it to cover my belongings, still at the end, all got wet. Well… with great atmosphere and nice dances, who cares! Just before midnight, there was a performance by a couple of dancers from Argentina. It was good of course – passionate, excellent technique, challenging patterns… nothing in their dance would disappoint you, and everybody – dancers and non-dancers were happy. After the performances, I had to leave. Even there were several metro lines running throughout the night, but the metro line I took was not on the list, so I left and took the last train back home.

It’s well-known that the restaurants in Paris suffered during the Euro 2004. So does it have any impact on tango event? I don’t know. French soccer team had a match that evening, a lot of people went out dancing, and the French team won.



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