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CDs Review

Posted in Music on February 17th, 2004

The euro is so strong at the moment but it never stops me hunting CDs in Paris. The Virgin Megastore on Champs-Elysees can be a paradise if you like tango music. Like the Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Berlin and the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco, there is a separate shelf full of tango CDs, from traditional tango orchestras to contemporary tango bands, if you can’t find what you want, you can definitely find something interesting there. FNAC is good also but you have to visit its big stores.

Astor Piazzolla Remixed. (Milan Records, 2003)

CD_review This is one of those I found in Paris, not a tango CD, not a Piazzolla CD, but a Piazzolla-related CD. It is not placed at the tango or world music sectiosn, but in the dance music section. The CD is full of Piazzolla’s tunes, but they are all remixed by DJs, electronic musicians. The result is very interesting, for me it is a new way to listen to Piazzolla’s tune. It is close to Gotan project, but it is even closer to the dance or house music stream. So if you only like Piazzolla’s music, I don’t guarantee that you will love this CD. However, if you like the following CDs like Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar, Café del Mar etc., then this is a CD that is worth to try.

I particularly like Vuelvo al Sur remixed by Koop, mixing the sound of the beach with the sound of bandoneon, it turns a sad piece into a sunny and relaxing piece. Milonga by Osunlade is also very nice, and it doesn’t sound so much Piazzolla’s tunes if you don’t know where is the origin of the melody.

And for those who had participated in TangoTang’s La Morocha show, you can definitely recognize Revirado remixed by John Beltran, and you will find that a short phrase in the main theme is repeated again and again throughout the piece.  Another interesting piece is Calambre remixed by John Arnold, a very lively piece combining Piazzolla’s tunes with the percussion, though for me the sound of the percussion is a bit too loud. My personal favorite is Duo de Amor by Ricochet. There is a bonus CD in this album, Adios Nonino and Libertango remixed by Hi Perspective, I like both of them, you will find them out when you have this album with you.


Artango is a duet group of a piano and a bandoneon formed in 1991, it aims at exploring different rhythmic and harmonic components in tango. I like this tango band very much and already bought its 2 CDs in Hong Kong: “Un Soir” and “Metropole”. Here in France, I found the rest of its albums released in 1993 and 1995: “Tango Contemporain” and “Doubles Jeux”. Their music is very appealing to me, because first the sound of the bandoneon and the piano is very rich, and I sometimes have a feeling that there is not only a bandoneon and a piano playing the music. And also both musicians master their instruments very well, they successfully show and utilize the characteristics of their instruments to play their tango. Besides these, their music both catches very well the calm and peaceful mood and the exciting emotions and elements of tango at the same time, and their music is very rhythmic, that I like very much. Among their 4 CDs, I can’t pick one that I like the most, because I just like them all. If you like contemporary tango, I think they are worth to be in your collection. To listen to its music, visit its website:

  • Artango, Tango Contemporain (Arion, 1993)
  • Artango, Doubles Jeux (Arion, 1995)
  • Artango, Metropole (Virgin Classics, 1997)
  • Artango, Un Soir (Virgin Classics, 1999)